‘Ouroboros’ in The Sleep Aquarium #1



My very poetic flash fiction ‘Ouroboros’ is in the inaugural issue of gorgeous dream-themed lit mag, The Sleep Aquarium. The story is supposed to read like a hyper-vivid dream and is inspired by Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’, which I’m fairly obsessed with. Also found out that my short story ‘Child of God’ has been accepted into the huge South American journal Revista Literariedad, which is amazing. Even though it’s usually poetry I post, I’m much more of a fiction writer, but longer fiction generally, which is why I don’t submit much, but ‘Child of God’ is part of a collection I’m working on of the same name, and a story I really love, so nice for it to find a great home. Also have a flash fiction from that same collection forthcoming in Flash Fiction Magazine. I choose to interpret all this as marking the beginning of a very positive year.

Read Ouroboros in The Sleep Aquarium here.