Upcoming Publications


After a break from writing due to various factors, it’s nice to be back ready to smear words on a screen, and today, as if on cue, I was lucky enough to receive a bunch of acceptances. Stories of mine are forthcoming in Revista Literariedad, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine and Flash Fiction Magazine. They are all part of a collection of stories I’m working on called Child of God centered around the same protagonist. A story of mine is also upcoming in Sick Lit Magazine. Fiction is my true passion so it’s nice to have some my own coming out soon.

To top that off, my two poems published in Apricity Magazine last year, ‘I love You I Am Listening’ and ‘Locker Room Talk,’ have been selected for inclusion in the year-end print issue. You can read those poems here and here.

Finally, I was lucky enough to be asked to write the back cover blurb for Heath Brougher’s latest (and excellent) chapbook of prose-poems, Your Noisy Eyes. You can buy that on Amazon here (my blurb is the Amazon description) and I strongly recommend it.