‘It Still Hurts But I’m Getting Better’ in Ink in Thirds #10



My little 3-line poem ‘It Still Hurts But I’m Getting Better’ (which is almost the same length as its title!) is in Issue 10 of the very beautiful magazine of stunning poetry and photography, Ink In Thirds. Ink in Thirds published my first ever published poem in April last year, so it’s great to be in the magazine again, and its first double-digit issue no less.

Buy a print copy or download a free PDF of the issue here.


4 Poems in Scarlet Leaf Review



I have 4 new poems in the latest issue of Scarlet Leaf Review, which marks my first Canadian publication. Glad to be included in such a great journal. One of these poems is about a certain famous Irish poet I learned about many years ago in school, who opened my eyes to the sheer power of words.

Read the poems here.