(Ghost City Press, 2018)

The Impending Heat Death of the Universe & Other Things that Stop Me from Caring is a collection of 14 experimental, strange and sometimes silly poems that shout accusations at the universe knowing better than to expect a reply.

Obsessing over the infinite circular nature of the universe vs the finite ability of it to support life as we know it, these poems will make your head spin and your spirit sink as the answers you know you’ll never get to the questions you didn’t know you had are that bit more out of reach than when you started reading—but you’ve edged that bit closer to your death.

Includes poems first published in Squawk Back, Otoliths, The Curly Mind, Epigraph Magazine, and SPAM.

Read ‘No Man an Island is, or Something’ from the collection via Squawk Back.

(Big Pond Rumours Press, 2018)

A winner of the Big Pond Rumours Press Chapbook Prize 2018

This collection of short fiction tells a fractured tale of regret, sorrow, wonder, and hope as a young woman wanders the United States searching for drugs and truth and that which is always just out of reach.

Hunger & Hallelujahs deals with the nature of our mistakes and how we attempt to leave them behind as we continue to make them, alongside themes of loneliness and the desperate search for connection, faith and religion, hope and hopelessness, and the immense power of the past.

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Includes stories first published in Revista Literariedad, Foliate Oak, Ghost Parachute, and Alien Buddha.

Read ‘Inpatient’ from Hunger & Hallelujahs via Ghost Parachute.

The language and imagery . . . are vivid and original and hold the reader’s attention . . . Readers who appreciate Burroughs, Kerouac and the world of the Beats will certainly enjoy Hunger and Hallelujahs.
—Charles Rammelkamp, Gravel Magazine

A king hell rhythm and a poignancy that brought tears to my eyes.
Jim Trainer, author of Love&Wages.

(CTU Publishing Group, 2017)

Dreaming in Starlight is a prose collection of fictional letters from a 26-year-old Southern American named Jeremiah John Watts, who, fleeing a chaotic world he couldn’t understand, sought solace in the solitude of deep, mountainous woods. Four months later, Jeremiah is dead, killed by the biggest forest fire the region has seen in fifty years. All that remains is a box of letters written to the ghosts of his past, letters that, gradually, build a portrait of a life filled with mistakes, heartbreak, sickness, and regret, as well as love, faith, hope, and perseverance.

But was the fire an act of God, a desperate suicide, or something else entirely?


“magic, pure magic”
– Joanne Spencer, Reviewer, The Review Review

“special and poignant . . . spellbinding descriptions . . . so much beauty in its brevity . . . a book that I found myself wishing would never end . . . Elliott’s prose is carefully constructed, yet exceedingly natural; unique, yet all-encompassing; and small, yet so large in scope.”
—Tamara Drazic, Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Spinebind Magazine

“emotionally blistering . . . Elliott tackles subjects like addiction, mental illness, lost love, and isolation with a scarcity that somehow makes these heavy ideas feel much more alive than if he had spent several thousand pages discussing them . . . Reading him is akin to taking a hard punch to the gut from a poet: surprising yet expected.”
—Jay C. Mims, Author of Skin Eater

Philip Elliott is an award-winning author and founder and editor-in-chief of award-winning literary magazine and small press publisher Into the Void, which won Best Magazine in the 2018 and 2017 Saboteur Awards, is shortlisted for Best Micro Literary Journal in the 2018 Broken Pencil Zine Awards, and was included in ‘Nine New Lit Mags You Need to Read’ as one of “nine new journals that appeared on the scene within the past couple of years and have already made their mark on the literary landscape” in Poets & Writers. Into the Void has since received excellent reviews in venues such as The Review Review and NewPages, and many of its contributors are winners and finalists of awards for their pieces published in Into the Void.

Philip is a National Juror of the 2019 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in the Short Story category. He is a winner of the Big Pond Rumours Press Chapbook Prize 2018 for the short story collection Hunger and Hallelujahs, due for publication in May 2018. Ghost City Press published his poetry chapbook The Impending Heat Death of the Universe & Other Things that Stop Me from Caring in July 2018 as part of its Micro-Chapbook Summer Series. In 2017 Philip’s experimental epistolary novella Dreaming in Starlight was published by CTU Publishing Group. His writing can be found in dozens of journals in ten countries, some of which has been nominated for The Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net.

Philip provides affordable, top quality editing services under the banner of Paragon Editing Services. He has a degree in Ancient Classics from Maynooth University, and lives in Toronto with his wife and their spoiled pug.


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